A fashion designer by trade, Jackie Messinger has been creating ready-to-wear jewelry since 1999. Having held various positions in the fashion industry since the mid-80s, she was graduated from New York's Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in fashion design. She soon started to explore her other artistic talents of oil painting, stained glass and jewelry making. After taking her first glass bead-making class with Leah Fairbanks in 2000, Jackie realized glasswork was the area she truly wanted to focus on. After submerging herself in her studio, trying to come up with a unique style that would be her trademark, she tapped into her fashion design skills for inspiration. A collection of life-like doll beads was born. Aptly named the “Torchettes,” each doll is complete with an outfit to suit the individual character. Since her work includes other mediums, it’s only natural that some designs are done in combination of glass, precious metal and precious stones. She continues to create unique styles using different elements from these materials, as well as following the current fashion trends for colors and styling. At the same time, the spectrum of her collection spans from classic, to trendy to elegant to capture a broader client taste levels.


Jackie resides in Lake Hiawatha, NJ, with her husband, Robert, and her daughter, Laura.